Hermann Kremsmayer - Biografie

Hermann Kremsmayer is born in Salzburg, a town in the alps in the centre of Europe, in 1957.

At the early age of fifteen he has his first experiences with art and soon gets involved as an artist in the Graphic Workshop Traklhaus in Salzburg.
These initial encounters lead to a number of creative activities exploring the borderline dynamics between individual constructions of the self and the influence of society on these identities, later expressed in a deepened interest in paintings of rooms (interior architecture) in relation to exterior architecture
He produces his first lithographs in 1973.

He graduates at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
His studies in art take him to Paris, France, and to Barcelona, Spain, where he makes acquaintances with the Catalan artists Hernandez Pijuan and Antoni Tàpies

This early period is followed by several sojourns in New Mexico and New York, USA and his first award: the Slavi S. prize for graphic design.

At this time, he begins to focus his art on the creation of emotional spaces, experimenting with colors and diverse non-paint material. He also becomes increasingly interested in large-scale wall and space painting in connection to architecture.

In 1992 and later in 2004 he founds his two work studios, in Vienna’s 9th and 20th district, respectively.

Between 1996 and 2007 he accepts a lectureship at the visual arts department at the University "Mozarteum" in Salzburg.

In the course of his career he has worked together with writers, illustrated books, has contributed (as a person as well as with his work) to theater performances and designed videos.

In his current paintings Hermann Kremsmayer attempts to capture how people begin to move into and on the emotional color spaces and abstract material fields of the canvas. By studying how contact, dynamic dialogue and fields of tensions between and within individuals can be expressed in color, texture and space he displays striking compositions of human solitudes, relationships and interactions. The people that populate his paintings appear to develop a magical life of their own. They seem caught in an endless moment of development, of becoming, and it is left to the onlooker to make a completion of movements possible.
His work achieves its liveliness through directed painting sessions with friends and acquaintances, who act as models, thereby enforcing actual presence, physical closeness in the painting.

Kremsmayer’s art is devoted to make the invisible visible, the insignificant significant.

Hermann Kremsmayer is a european artist.

1997 his son Tobias Paul was born, 1999 his second son Julian Ben. In 2012 he made up his atelier in a former bread production area in Vienna.